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It is with a heavy heart we closed the doors at 11 Station Street, Mittagong.

Due to ongoing issues with water ingress, the building was no longer suitable and we made the decision to look for a new space.

We are still operating our mentoring programs in the community and excited about what is next!

Thank you to all who visited and shared this amazing time with us.


In our first year, we brought more than 35 projects to life, and helped many more real lives connect with art.

The arts have a unique power to bring people together, share stories, increase wellbeing and grow as a community.


and Grow

Get Involved

We hire space, run exhibitions and work as mentors and consultants.

Mental is a platform for the community to connect, supported by a variety of innovative programs and events.


Our mission is to provide as much access to the arts and its benefits as possible - to make anything achievable by providing space and support for all kinds of arts-related things: visual art, music, digital content, performance, writing and design.

Through our resources and network, we can provide mentoring and project consultancy to any stage of the creative process and work with all levels of experience, age and ability.

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The shop features products made by us and the artists we work with.

Support what we do

Increasing access to the arts is a key goal. Support us to deliver that.


Our Mission

Mental is on a mission. It was started by a mission to help one person with a disability work in their local community through art. We have seen our mission grow into a regional launchpad for emerging artists and a hub for community connection. Your support ensures we can continue to grow!

We also host enjoyable meetings, and design fun events.


  • host up to 25 people (current NSW restrictions)

  • 2.5m cinema screen and PA

  • catering available

  • hire rates start at only $50

  • concession rates 



Get sentimental,
join as a member today!

Benefits of joining as a member:

  • receive our monthly newsletter

  • 50% off first booking any studio or gallery space

  • gift of a 'Mental' logo T-shirt

  • 10% off all tickets and shop purchases

  • prior invitations to our limited place events

  • a general feeling of wellbeing

Volunteer with us

If you're interested in the arts or looking for some involvement in your local community, we would love to hear from you. We can offer training and experience to gallery volunteers. Get in touch here.

Corporate Partnerships

We work with individual companies or brands to connect with their customers and local communities through the arts. If you are interested in becoming a partner or commissioning a project, chat to us here.

HIRE 01.jpg

Art can make your business look cool / cooler.

Or in technical terms, deepen customer engagement and build social value in your company or business. Try it. Our place, not yours.

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